Giving New Meaning To 'Customer Focus'

What Is Jobs to be Done & Outcome-Driven Research?

Understand how jobs to be done and outcome-driven customer research can give your business the focus it needs to accelerate growth rapidly.

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Understanding Customer Behaviours & Motivations

Over the past 25 years, we have gone through the single biggest change in the way we buy products and services. The internet empowered consumers to do their research, up front, before ever speaking to a salesperson.

At the same time, there have been significant advances in our understanding of the behaviours and motivations that drive us to make purchasing decisions.

So, why do we buy the things we buy? What is it that drives the decisions we make? Is there such a thing as an impulse buy, or are impulse buys driven by deep-rooted underlying (and often sub-conscious) needs?

The Secret To Why We Buy

Uncovering Customers’ Jobs to be Done

As humans, we have an innate desire to make progress through life. We often have a clear view of where we want to get to, but sometimes we face challenges and constraints that prevent us from getting there.

A job to be done is the process we go through when we aim to transform an existing situation into a desired one, but cannot because there are constraints that prevent it from happening.

We hire solutions to help us get these jobs done, but when we face constraints, we look for other solutions that we can hire instead. When we find a solution that does the job better and achieves more of our desired outcomes, we fire the incumbent.

Gaining Unmatched Clarity

Identifying Important, Underserved Needs

The fact is that jobs remain stable; they do not change over time. What changes is the way consumers get jobs done, and this is driven by changes in culture or technology.

With this in mind, you’ve probably defined your competition as those who offer similar products to yours, but your customer is not looking for a product.

Instead, they’re looking for a solution that overcomes the constraints they currently face.

In order to be successful, you need to be able to understand the market through the eyes of your customer. This is where outcome-driven customer research comes to the rescue.

By understanding important, underserved needs in the context of the job to be done, you can begin to establish points of differentiation and value in the eyes of your customer.

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Discover how we can help you uncover important, under-served needs with our unique Customer Compass framework

Customer Compass Framework

Establish Business Context

Outcome-Driven Customer Research

Job to be Done Mapping

Outcome Statement Definition

Job & Outcome Statement Validation

Outcome-Driven Segmentation


What We Can Do For You

Stratomic enables promising technology businesses and start-ups to find breakthrough routes to market through a unique outcome-driven framework that leverages jobs-to-be-done theory to uncover important, under-served needs and to understand what your customers really want.

Jobs to be Done Discovery

Be aligned with your customers; leverage outcome-driven research to uncover customer jobs

360-Degree Customer Job Mapping

A complete map of your customer, and the space in which you have the opportunity to innovate

Outcome-Driven Market Segmentation

The compass that enables you to focus on the areas where the greatest opportunities exist

Product Roadmap Validation

Be confident that your engineers are focused on developing what your customers want

Customer Compass In Practice

Market Focus Leads To Rapid Revenue Growth

After implementing our outcome-driven customer research framework to understand customers’ jobs-to-be-done, 100TB entered a two-year period of rapid revenue growth. It attracted some of the biggest companies in its target audience by being in the right place at the right time, with the right value proposition.


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