Why Facebook’s Messenger Day Is Another Big Headache For Snapchat

Facebook has just rolled out Messenger Day – the latest attack on Snapchat’s core capabilities from team Zuckerberg. Although Messenger Day is just getting started, it already does much of what Snapchat can. Messenger operates on a much larger scale than Snapchat, with over a billion active users.

In the latest version of Facebook Messenger,¬†there’s now a strip of thumbnails above your contact list. Select a thumbnail and you’ll get a series of connected images and videos created by your contacts. Together, these form a “day”.

As soon as you finish watching one friend’s day, the next one begins automatically. And, guess what, the content evaporates after 24 hours – just like on Snapchat.

Messenger Day, just like Snapchat Stories

You can add filters, write captions and draw doodles to your own content, just like on Snapchat. However, unlike Snapchat, you can’t determine how long an image is visible for at the moment. Nor can you see how many people have viewed your Messenger Day. Although you can see who has viewed it and you can restrict content to certain contacts.

Stories turned Snapchat into a multi-billion dollar company and has been the primary enabler for much of the company’s growth prior to its IPO this month.

Visual storytelling is everywhere

Last year, Instagram rolled out Instagram Stories and it has been a big success. In February, WhatsApp also rolled out Status – engagement is low.

With the launch of Messenger Day, temporary visual storytelling capabilities are available across all of Facebook. I’m interested to see how users react to Messenger Day – have you checked it out yet? Do you think it’ll become the next Instagram Stories or WhatsApp Status? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Messenger Day further cements the notion that your Facebook profile is replacing LinkedIn as your professional profile. The way that Snapchat Stories transformed short-form storytelling means Messenger Day is exciting for me. What’s more, I expect Facebook to roll out an equivalent to Messenger Day for Public Pages in time. When that comes, it will be a huge opportunity for marketers and storytellers.

Temporary short-form storytelling has become the biggest attention arbitrage of 2017. I’m excited to see how the platform develops, and I can’t wait to see what advertising tools are implemented in due course. Zuckerberg has been thinking how to monetize Messenger’s billion active users for a while and, in my opinion, Messenger Day looks like a great opportunity.



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