About Us


Stratomic was founded on the principle of empowerment. We are on a mission to help 10,000 founders and entrepreneurs to unlock their true potential.


About Us


Stratomic was founded on the principle of empowerment. We are on a mission to empower ten thousand tech founders and entrepreneurs so they can unlock their true potential.

01. Imaginative

Our outcome-driven framework has been tested on some of the most successful tech products over the past 20 years. We’ve also been able to successfully apply it in high-growth start-ups across multiple industries.

02. Meticulous

Our focus on the detail means you can be confident in the thoroughness of our research and analysis of your target customer. Rest easy with a 360° view of your customer and market that you can trust.

03. Practical

Our goal is to be your strategic partner, but we are practitioners of our trade. We’ve evolved our process to enable our clients to extract the most value and quickly align their product and market strategies.

Our North Star Is To Understand You

Bringing New Meaning To Customer Focus

We are driven by a relentless focus on our customers – and the needs of our customers’ customers. Our approach is like that of a student; we assume nothing about your customers and ask everything. It’s our duty to point you in the right direction, just like a compass.


Discovered issues in Their current route to market


Made significant roadmap changes

We know that you have a challenging road ahead. We know that you’ve probably lost sleep on more than a few occasions. And we know you’ll end up developing features that your customers don’t adopt. But, with a unique, proven framework, we set out to minimise the chance of this. We focus on understanding the jobs your customers are trying to get done, discovering their important unmet needs.

Our founder

About Our Founder

Tim Smalley

CEO & Founder

Early his career, Tim founded two online publishing businesses in significant market downturns. Both grew rapidly into market leaders and went onto successful exits, without spending a single penny on marketing.

In a 4 1/2 year spell at ASUS, he led a number of highly successful product launches, including Nexus 7, ZenBook, ZenFone and ZenWatch. He was then employee #3 for UK2 Group’s Enterprise Business, where he led product marketing and growth. The company exited in early 2017, and led to the creation of Stratomic.

Your focus is our focus

How We Help Your Business

Route to market validation

We will uncover high-need initial, secondary or tertiary market focal points using outcome-driven datasets. You can make inroads with your existing product.

Product Alignment

Our outcome-driven segmentation datasets give you focus. Once you align your product roadmap and positioning to your market penetration strategy, you can escape the tailspin.

Investor Readiness

With our focus on understanding your customer, you can build a validated business strategy that minimises risk for investors, allowing you to raise money at higher valuations.

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